[vlc-devel] decoder fifo and input_NullPacket()

John Michael Zorko j.zorko at att.net
Thu May 29 09:24:04 CEST 2003

Hello, all ...

The latest ff / rew stuff is at 
http://www.darwinarts.com/~zorko/vlc/diffs_ff_rew_1 ... I fixed a 
memory leak.  These diffs are the result of cvs diff -u, so they are in 
relation to the CVS TOT.

I'm exploring an issue with lotsa (read: lotsa lotsa) seeking and how 
it often results in 'wobbly' or fragmented audio (upsampling and 
downsampling until the decoder FIFO is happy again).  If you do lotsa 
(read: lotsa lotsa) seeking, either via the GUI, via the rc interface, 
or via the above-mentioned super-cool ff / rew stuff (which does it's 
magic via input_Seek()), your audio will wobble, and i'm trying to 
solve this problem.  I found the code that triggers the resampling, and 
commenting it out solves the wobble, but this isn't solving the 
problem, only masking it (and quite possibly setting myself up for a 
nasty crash later).

So, in my explorations, i've found input_NullPacket().  If the decoder 
FIFO is full of null packets, can the up / downsampling code still be 
triggered?  Why does the MP3 audio decoder need to be escaped like 
this?  If I make sure everything is aligned on an MP3 frame, for 
instance, can I forego the escaping (not call 
input_EscapeDiscontinuity()) or do I always need to do this?



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