[vlc-devel] Re: Removing deprecated decoders from CVS

Michel LESPINASSE walken at zoy.org
Fri Oct 3 00:01:11 CEST 2003

On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 10:37:39PM +0200, Gildas Bazin wrote:
> - mpeg_audio: mpeg 1 audio layer 1 & 2 decoder from the early days
> of VLC.  This decoder has also been deprecated for some time in
> favor of the libmad based plugin (and ffmpeg is also able to decode
> mp1/2/3). This code should still be working but I won't spend any
> time trying to port it to the new decoders api. I would then suggest
> to get rid of it as well.

Having done a bit of work on this decoder in the past, I dont really
want it to go waste, however I dont really care if its used in vlc

I may end up taking the decoder and putting it on a CVS
somewhere. Probably not do any real work on it, but keep it as a
relic, or something.

> - mpeg_video: mpeg 1 & 2 video decoder from the early days of
> VLC. This decoder isn't used anymore since the 0.6.0 release and has
> been replaced with the libmpeg2 based decoder (ffmpeg is also able
> to decode mpeg1/2 although a lot slower). The code is still in
> working state and is also able to handle 4:2:2 video streams which
> libmpeg2 can't deal with (although support for this is on the
> way). As for mpeg_audio, I won't spend my time porting this code to
> the new decoders api.

One note about the libmpeg2 4:2:2 support. I'll probably do a new
libmpeg2 release in about a month, but it's still unclear at this
point if it'll have 4:2:2 support. Peter has done a prototype that
supports 4:2:2 in libmpeg2; there is still a small amount of work to
be done to clean it up, but I could do it. However what's holding up
4:2:2 support at this point, is that the mpeg2dec test program does
not have any 4:2:2 support in the output modules - which means I can't
even properly test the code. mpeg2dec should be adapted so we can
actually display 4:2:2 pictures, export them as pgm files, convert
them to rgb, etc... No rocket science involved there, but it does take
time. If someone here has some spare cycles to help on this, I would
appreciate this a *LOT*.


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