[vlc-devel] VLC does not give useful info to BFU

Stepan Roh stepan at srnet.cz
Sat Oct 4 01:40:39 CEST 2003

VLC is not too much BFU-friendly. It gives a lot of highly technical
information if verbose level is high (like "received buffer in the
future", "PTS is out of range", "packet in the past" etc.), but no
information suitable for normal user. Sometimes nothing happens and I
don't know what's going on: is it stuck or is it buffering network input
(and in that case: how much filled is the buffer)? It should also give
some info like expected and current transfer rate, line stability (packet
loss) and so on.

Of course VLC is better and better soft anyway. Oh, I nearly forgot, Gtk+
interface (in 0.6.2) lacks ability to show information window if no video
but audio is playing (or I did not find it). KDE interface has
"View/Stream Info" menu item, but in the Gtk+ it is available only in
pop-up menu in video output window.

Have a nice day.

Stepan Roh

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