[vlc-devel] Cross-compilation problems Linux -> Win32

Raymond Lillard ryl at prosysmeg.com
Fri Oct 17 07:55:21 CEST 2003


I have used anonymous CVS to download the latest & greatest 
version of VLC.  I am using RedHat-9 as my build system.

I have read what documentation I can find on how to do this.
The files "doc/Cross-Compile-Howto.txt" and "INSTALL.win32" 
appear to be outdated.  If there is other relevant documentation 
I would very much appreciate knowing where it is.

My immediate problem is building "ffmpeg".  I find the code in 
"./modules/codec/ffmpeg", but there is no "configure" file to 
run to create a "Makefile".

I have tried the "bootstrap" && "configure" commands at the top 
of the tree, but when it arrives at the point to configure "ffmpeg" 
the configure script looks for the library file,

This presents me with two problems.

1. I need a "configure" to compile "ffmpeg"

2. There is no "libavocdec" in "ffmpeg" to make a "libavcodec.a"

I'm clearly missing something here.  Help is gratefully solicited.
You guys work with me here and I'll return a more useful 
"doc/Cross-Compile-Howto.txt" if it is wanted.


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