[vlc-devel] vlc and rtp

Steven Brown sbrown at gf.hm.rd.sanyo.co.jp
Wed Oct 22 11:30:58 CEST 2003

Hi everyone,

I'm looking at the packets sent over the network when using VLC to 
stream a mpeg2 PS file to another computer, and the byte patterns seem 
radically different than those of the original PS file.  Can anyone tell 
me what VLC is doing here?  I'm not using transcoding.  I used the 
following command line:

vlc video.mpg --sout udp://client

The byte pattern (in hex),
47 00 12
seems to be the most common header in front of the packets.

The mpeg2 PES header
00 00 01 BA
does not seem to appear in the packets on the network, but appears in 
many places in the original file.


Okay, I had the above question written earlier, but did not post.  Since 
then, I've learned of RTP, but I cannot find any information relating 
VLC to RTP.  Can anyone provide me with a link, maybe?  I've got 
information on the RTP protocol, but I want to verify my observations.  
For example, from my observations, VLC uses RTP version 1, but all the 
documentation I find is on version 2.

I've also found that in the source for modules/access/udp.c that
- RTP *should* be version 2
- acceptable payloads are 33, 14, 32 (in hex: 21, 0e, 20)

It seems like I've made a mistake, somehow.  If anyone can help clarify 
what's going on, I'd really appreciate it.


Steven Brown

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