[vlc-devel] VLC minimum hardware requirement

Ariel Fritz duin at tutopia.com
Mon Sep 1 14:38:36 CEST 2003

Hi people

I'm trying to compile a little vlc to test it with minimum hardware 
requirement. I've compiled it with following parameters:

./configure --disable-gtk --disable-plugins --disable-dvd --disable-a52 
--disable-mad --disable-sdl\
 --disable-wall --disable-distort --disable-trasnform --disable-invert 
 --disable-dvdold --disable-vcd  --disable-asf --disable-aac --disable-ogg  
 --disable-v4l  --enable-libmpeg2 
--with-libmpeg2-tree=/videolan/instaladores/mpeg2dec-0.3.2-cvs \
 --disable-faad --disable-vorbis --disable-freetype --disable-dvdread 

I'm trying to read from network using libdvbpsi library.

What's minimum hardware requirement to do that?

Thanks a lot and regards

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