[vlc-devel] Re: vout questions

John Michael Zorko j.zorko at att.net
Thu Sep 11 13:08:51 CEST 2003


> 4. We're seeing a weird crash after playing an MPEG2 TS for 15-20 
> minutes, but only when we
> ran VLC with --fullscreen.  Has anyone else noticed anything like this?
> Yes I have 0.6 ver. and It hapened very often for me but only when I 
> set up --xvideo-altfullscreen with --fullscreen.

Cool -- glad others have seen this.  Do you pass --xvideo-altfullscreen 
on the command line as well as --fullscreen when starting VLC, or is 
only one of them used?  We're instantiating VLC thusly from some Java 

vlc udp/ts:@<mcast address> --nocolor --fullscreen -vv

... this is on Red Hat Linux 9.  Are you using a similar platform?



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