[vlc-devel] Help with Input thread for VCD plugin

rocky at panix.com rocky at panix.com
Tue Sep 16 06:37:47 CEST 2003

In order to get further with a navigable VCD plugin, user input needs
to be addressed. 

As was suggested, I've looked at and modified the code from
vlc/modules/access/dvdplay and modified it. In particular I have 

    set_callbacks( E_(VCDOpen), E_(VCDClose) );
        set_capability( "demux", 0 );
        set_callbacks( E_(InitVCD), E_(EndVCD) );

        set_capability( "interface", 0 );
        set_callbacks( E_(VCDOpenIntf), E_(VCDCloseIntf) );
 * InitVCD: initializes dvdplay structures
int E_(InitVCD) ( vlc_object_t *p_this )
    p_vcd->p_intf = intf_Create( p_input, "vcdplay" );
    p_vcd->p_intf->b_block = VLC_FALSE;
    intf_RunThread( p_vcd->p_intf );

However for reasons that are a mystery to me I can't get InitVCD or
VCDOpenIntf to be called. (I've also tried creating the thread from
the OpenVCD routine but I get an error saying something to the effect
that I can't create a new thread from another thread. So I guess I am
forced to create a new demuxer, right?.)

In the interest of giving the full gory details here is the entire
vcdx directory I've been working with. It is installed at the same
level as vcd, that is in modules/access. 

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Without being able to handle user interaction, playback navigation
comes to a halt when one hits a still frame with a menu selection.


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