[vlc-devel] Re: Help with Input thread for VCD plugin

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Tue Sep 16 12:28:46 CEST 2003

Sigmund Augdal writes:
 > The second parameter of intf_Create() is the name of the module to use with
 > this interface. Module names are in general defined in configure.ac and used
 > in Modules.am. As far as I can tell your modules is called "vcdx" and not
 > "vcdplay". Don't know if this is the entire problem, but it could be a start.

Thanks! That was the solution to problem why InitVCD and VCDOpenIntf
were not called. I basically changed all occurrences of "vcdplay" to

Now I'm just getting a Segmentation fault inside input_ClockManageRef
(file src/input/input_clock.c) called from DemuxPS 
(file modules/demux/mpeg/system.c) here:

        case 0x1BA: /* PACK_START_CODE */
                /* Call the pace control. */
                input_ClockManageRef( p_input,
                                      scr_time );

It seems that p_input->stream.p_selected program is NULL. The "then"
part of the below "if" inside input_ClockManagerRef really does nothing
(since it is the same as what p_pgrm was set to on the call):

void input_ClockManageRef( input_thread_t * p_input,
                           pgrm_descriptor_t * p_pgrm, mtime_t i_clock )
    /* take selected program if none specified */
    if( !p_pgrm )
        p_pgrm = p_input->stream.p_selected_program;

so we die in trying to dereference p_pgrm. 

    if( ( p_pgrm->i_synchro_state != SYNCHRO_OK ) ||

A VCD doesn't have multiple angles like a DVD might. Where/How is
pp_selected_program supposed to get set? It isn't mentioned in either of
the vlc VCD plugins.


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