[vlc-devel] Re: PTZ control module for VLC

Daniel M. Lambea dmlambea at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 13:48:38 CEST 2004


  Thanks for your fast reply. I've overlooked at those modules as well
and as you point out, I think it might be a good starting point for my
module. My concern is that I don't know how to relate display modules
with control modules and at the same time keep them both clean and

  Thing is that I need the video-out for the user to see what's going
on screen. Then, by clicking on the image itself, communicate with the
PTZ controlling module (that might be running or not, of course) and
give him the mouse coordinates (relatives to the image, not to the
window). With that information, the PTZ module can compose a URL to
send to the camera.

  I've already done some tests by hacking at the X11 display module. I
can detect the mouse click and issue a msg_Dbg() call with the
corrected mouse coordinates. "corrected" in the sense that I don't
need information on clicks outside the real image. Therefore, clicks
on other parts of the window are simply ignored.

  I think the mouse coordinate correction code should be done in the
video-out module (since it's the one that is going to show the image
to click on), and somehow tell the PTZ module that something happened.
Two observations:

  a) coding that mouse info in the X11 module makes me think that
other display modules will need the same code as well.

  b) coding that mouse info in the video modules break the "keep them
clean and separate" goal. Anyways, how can I tell the PTZ module from
the video module that "something happened"?

    Daniel M. Lambea

> Look at the gestures module. It has a suitable module-type (and hence api)
> as well as giving an example on how to access mouse-information.
> Sigmund

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