[vlc-devel] [RFR] order of preferences

Clément Stenac zorglub at via.ecp.fr
Wed Aug 25 21:57:51 CEST 2004

thedj and I have been recently thinking about an improved sorting system
for preferences, more "human-readable".

What we tought:

Each plugin would have its capabilities, used internally, and one or
several more sensible "external" capability(ies). 


* wxwindows is an "interface", nobody is interested in the fact that it is
a "dialog provider"

* access_demux and access2 modules are "access modules"

* technically speaking, ffmpeg is a decoder, an encoder, a demux and a
  chroma. I doubt people are interested in the fact it is a chroma.
     -> this example raises another problem; each time we display the
        complete set of options, it would be great if we could only
        display the corresponding subset... or use categories.

I think we could have some improvement in usability of preferences using
this system. 
I don't think a one-level sorted list is good, we currently have more
than 100 plugins exporting configuration options.

Clément Stenac

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