[vlc-devel] Re: PTZ control module for VLC

Daniel M. Lambea dmlambea at gmail.com
Tue Aug 31 09:39:33 CEST 2004

> > configuration part. After this I will send you the code. Can I attach
> > a tgz here? Where should I send the file?
> Depends. If the patch id big (>a few tens of kB), it would be better to
> put it on a website and post the link here. Otherwise, your post will be
> moderated, which could take some time.

  No problem. I will look for a place to put it. :-)

> > it via microphone. How can I tell the player to get video from HTTP
> > and audio from /dev/dsp simultaneously? Will this lead to some kind of
> > audio/video misalignment?

> Well, that suppose to read from several inputs at the same time. That's
> only possible, as an experimental feature, in the svn version. Moreover,

  Mmmm... I had to backport the MJPEG code from SVN back to 0.7.2,
along with the ptz module because the svn version had a couple of
serious bugs I couldn't live with. I will take a look at the svn
version again, to see if  I can use that experimental feature back in
version 0.7.2

> I'm not sure this is currently working with http and v4l streams. This
> is likely to lead to mis-alignement, because of buffers in the camera
> and in VLC. You can set the size of these buffers on VLC side, btw.

  Both the camera and the audio input intf. are "static", I mean, I
don't think the Town Hall is going to change the camera every week.
That gives me the chance to finetune my copy of VLC to that hardware,
until new versions come with that feature enabled.

  Thanks a lot for your comments.  :-)

    Daniel M. Lambea

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