[vlc-devel] Re: PTZ control module for VLC

Daniel M. Lambea dmlambea at gmail.com
Tue Aug 31 10:47:39 CEST 2004

> That sounds great. We have a couple of Axis 230 MPEG-2 Streaming cameras here
> which also use ptz.cgi. Do these URLs look the same on the 2130?
> axis-cgi/com/ptz.cgi?camera=1&autofocus=on
> axis-cgi/com/ptz.cgi?camera=1\&zoombar=185,alignment=horisontal\&barcoord=?0,0
> With barcoord going from 0,0 to 192,0? If so, I'm very much interested in testing your
> module.

  Yes, it looks the same. But I am using the relative coordinates to
get the camera centered automagically to the pixel you want. I
explain:  first have the VLC player running and showing you the live
video from the Axis camera; after adding the PTZ control module, each
left-click on the live image will make the camera to center on that
pixel (much like it does in its builtin webserver).  Right-click moves
the camera to its home position (although I'm thinking in changing
this to make it configurable), and the mouse wheel controls the zoom.

  Code is still in alpha testing, and somehow unoptimal by now, but I
can send you the module for you to try right now if you want to. It's
currently working for vlc version 0.7.2.  :-)

  By the way, I'd like to ask you about the audio module in your Axis
230 MPEG-2 cameras. The problem I'm having in the Town Hall is that
the audio is coming from the microphone while video is coming from the
network, therefore introducing audio/video misalignment. Have you
tried the external audio interface in the Axis 230? If it worked fine,
I'd suggest my boss to change to that model, and to plug the
microphone to the camera directly. I'd avoid the audio-video
misalignment problem that way!  :-)

  Many thanks for your help!   :-)))

    Daniel M. Lambea

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