[vlc-devel] Re: PTZ control module for VLC

Torsten Spindler spindler at hbt.arch.ethz.ch
Tue Aug 31 12:14:44 CEST 2004

On Tue, 2004-08-31 at 10:47, Daniel M. Lambea wrote:
>   Code is still in alpha testing, and somehow unoptimal by now, but I
> can send you the module for you to try right now if you want to. It's
> currently working for vlc version 0.7.2.  :-)

I'm interested in this, so feel free to mail me the patch if it's less
than 5 MB overall. Otherwise some mailer will delete it.

>   By the way, I'd like to ask you about the audio module in your Axis
> 230 MPEG-2 cameras. The problem I'm having in the Town Hall is that
> the audio is coming from the microphone while video is coming from the
> network, therefore introducing audio/video misalignment. Have you
> tried the external audio interface in the Axis 230? If it worked fine,
> I'd suggest my boss to change to that model, and to plug the
> microphone to the camera directly. I'd avoid the audio-video
> misalignment problem that way!  :-)

The 230 has a stereo input for an external audio device. In the web interface 
you can change between using the internally builtin mike and and an external
source. The internal mike is ok if you're within a few meters range to the camera 
and speaking in it's direction. At LinuxTag I used the 230 to record some talks 
and connected the speakers mike via a professional mixer to the camera. This worked
very good. However I haven't found a good microphone to use to tape talks in a 
discussion around a table. Most video conferencing systems seem to have such devices,
but they don't provide stereo outputs but digital signals I was not able to feed into
the camera.

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