[vlc-devel] Re: [Live-devel] h264 streaming using rtp/rtsp

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live.com
Tue Dec 7 15:31:58 CET 2004

>I would like to stream h.264 encoded video content using rtp/rtsp from
>the Darwin server, and would like to play it back using VLC.
>2.  I did download the latest live.com codes today, and it seems I
>would need to add modules in order to stream h.264 content. If I
>understood things properly I would need to create h264RTPSource, and
>h264RTPSink classes. Is this correct?

Almost.  To play *incoming* H.264/RTP streams using VLC (or some other 
client), there need only be a "H264VideoRTPSource" class.  (You would need 
a "H264VideoRTPSink" only for streaming outgoing H.264/RTP streams - e.g., 
using the LIVE.COM RTSP server implementation.)

To stream H.264 video from the Darwin RTSP server, however, you will need a 
properly 'hinted' ".mp4" or ".mov"-format file.

>Any advice, and/or comments on what would be the best  (and hopefully
>the quickest :P ) way to go about implementing this would be really

As noted above, you will need a "H264VideoRTPSource" class.  To implement 
this, I suggest using "H263plusVideoRTPSource" as a model, and follow the 
H.264 RTP payload format Internet Draft that you mentioned.

Alternatively, if your company is interested in paying for me to implement 
this (and add it to the LIVE.COM library), then please let me know (by 
separate email).

	Ross Finlayson

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