[vlc-devel] Re: cddax vs cdda plugins

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Thu Dec 9 03:00:52 CET 2004

Sigmund Augdal writes:
 > Currently the cdda plugin uses the old dvd-tracks trick to add it's track.
 > The cddax plugin should not do that. Rather if you play the entire cd (with
 > cddax://) the plugin should run playlist_ItemToNode on it's playlist item,
 > and then playlist_NodeAddItem() for each track on the cd. Now information
 > about the entire cd (like album name, data ...) can be added to the node,
 > and info about each track can be added to that tracks item. (I think only
 > name and duration are supported now, but that should be improved in the
 > future).

The current cddax plugin in fact calls playlist_ItemToNode in
CDDAFixupPlaylist. And it calls playlist_NodeAddItem() in
CDDACreatePlaylistItem() of modules/access/cddax/info.c. It is in the
playlist as a tree. 

But the tracks aren't in the Navigation menu and you can't either
select the track or Next or Previous like you can with cdda as it
currently is (and as cddax used to be in 0.7.x.)

 > For each track the duration is fetched with the ACCESS_GET_LENGTH command to
 > pf_control. 

As far as I can tell, I'm doing this all correctly. I see
ACCESS_GET_LENGTH getting called which is shown when you set in vlcrc

Printing the name, size and lengths on a CD-DA I get

  Track 1 27010368, 153120000
  Track 2 25615632, 145213333
  Track 3 24020976, 136173333
  Track 4 22633296, 128306666

and all of matches exactly the same thing I get with the cdda plugin
when I have that do the same thing.

However it doesn't get reflected down in the status in the lower-left
of the WxWindow wereas with cdda it does. Could there be a bug
elsewhere? Or something else that needs to be done to get this
reflected down there?

 > > Is there some sort of document overview document of how to write a
 > > complete input access plugin? 
 > No there isn't. But feel free to ask here any time.

Another possibility: perhaps you could look at the cddax plugin and
see what's wrong. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to
ask. ;-)

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