[vlc-devel] Re: Audio only MPEG-2 TS not playing

Dennis van Amerongen Dennis.vanAmerongen at nob.nl
Thu Dec 23 00:05:11 CET 2004

The behaviour you describe is similar to the problem I've encountered
when demuxing ASI feeds and relaying the individual video+audio and
audio only streams from the mux. Relaying is done in multicast using raw
udp TS streams where video is MPEG2 and audio MPEG1 layer 2.
The video+audio played fine but the audio only streams refused to play
on both VLC and STB's.
After close examination by both VLC developers and the use of a
hardware analyser it seemed the (absence of) PCR in the audio streams
was the problem.
Our (Tandberg) encoding setups essentially produced non-compliant
MPEG streams because a "global" PCR was used in the mux and not a
PCR per stream. Perhaps a similar PCR issue is causing your problems?!
- D


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Subject: [vlc-devel] Audio only MPEG-2 TS not playing

Hi all,

Attempting to play audio only MPEG2-TS streams. They originate from an 
satellite, through DVB-S cards and then streamed on as multicast UDP by a 
streaming box.

Some channels streamed are TV (video and audio) and some are radio. The TV
channels are playing both video and audio but for the audio only streams 
TS demuxer finds an MPGA elementary stream, chooses the mpeg_audio decoder
and then nothing ...


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