[vlc-devel] Re: vlc streaming / udp multicast performance

Marius Kjeldahl marius at kjeldahl.net
Thu Dec 30 10:15:23 CET 2004

Benjamin PRACHT wrote:
> Well, considering the fact unicast is working well, this is certainly a network
> related issue. Not all switches behave well with multicast packets
> (However, any one built within the past few years should). Multcast also
> works pretty badly over WLAN.

I've now managed to do one more test which indicates that it is indeed 
some kind of network issue; When running both vlc server and client on 
the same machine, the video displays just fine. If I add another client 
across the network it gets some data as described before, but most of 
the data does not seem to arrive across the network as described earlier 
in this thread.


Marius K.

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