[vlc-devel] Re: Mozilla plugin - mixing web-graphics and video

Frank A Ekern list-account at ekern.no
Wed Jan 7 04:15:05 CET 2004

The reason I would like to see this kind of functionality is that this
is the way almost all IP based STBs works. Having something like this in
vlc would allow us to use a PC as a STB with our IP-TV middelware.

On Tue, Jan 06, 2004, Sam Hocevar wrote:

>    I am fairly sure this is not possible on Unix, and doubt very much
> that it can be done on Windows or OS X. 

If I understand correctly, this means it would be a quite difficult to
get it right :)

> The Mozilla plugin is handled its own window in which to draw, and 
> anything the browser further draws in this area will actually be 
> drawn _under_ the window, hence invisible.

I have previously been able to get the MS Mediaplayer mix web graphics
and video (for demo purposes). To get that to work I had to open up a
separate browser window and place it on top of the window containing the
mediaplayer active-X control and use the color key used by the
mediaplayer (found by doing a screen shot) as the background color of
the web page. (All this required that the system used for the
demonstration where actually using hardware overlay to display the

>    If you need to display additional information on top of the video,
> that should be done by VLC only. 

One could of course do it the opposite way, integrating a browser into
vlc, but one would need be a bit insane to try to pull a stunt like


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