[vlc-devel] Re: CVS Commit (rocky)

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Wed Jan 7 09:07:35 CET 2004

=?iso-8859-15?Q?Cl=E9ment?= Stenac writes:
 > Media Information will soon be deprecated, IMHO.

Thought we went over this. 

1. There's massive duplication in a playlist. This currently isn't
   addressed.  If I have a CD with n tracks the information about the
   overall CD is stored n times.

2. Playlists don't handle or handle poorly things with
   Navigation. What playlist item and information do you list for a
   DVD or VCD when playback control is turned on? The part playing?
   How do I get specific information about the part playing (the
   Segment or Entry, and LID for VCD's) when this may jump around? The
   DVD or VCD could have a couple of completely distinct
   parts/programs/videos on it. The medium shows all of that whereas
   I'm not sure a playlist which refers to a specific one of them
   should necessarily.

3. playlist seems semantically wrong. A playlist item is what I'm
   playing or is queued to be played. Media information is about
   what's on medium. 

If you want to have a pointer from a playlist item to the medium that
contains that thing in "Stream and Medium Info" okay. But this doesn't
replace it. It should hook into it IMHO.

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