[vlc-devel] Re: CVS Commit (rocky)

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Wed Jan 7 13:32:42 CET 2004

On 07 jan 2004, at 09:07, R. Bernstein wrote:
> Stenac writes:
>> Media Information will soon be deprecated, IMHO.
Incorrect naming.
we have two types of information structures atm.

'Input information'
'Playlist item information'

'Input information' is duplicate atm and should go. We have no 'Media 
information' because there is no way to differentiate between playlist 
items that are a medium and items that are contained on a medium (i.e. 
is it the DVD, or is it an item on the DVD?)

> Thought we went over this.
> 1. There's massive duplication in a playlist. This currently isn't
>    addressed.  If I have a CD with n tracks the information about the
>    overall CD is stored n times.

Do you see a possibility to address this, without infringing on the 
flexibility of VLC?
I don't want VLC to be a DVD or a VCD player. I want it to play 
everything. I'm personally really against making it address such 
specific issues. Too avoid duplication, a DVD VCD or CDDA needs to be 
only one entry in the playlist, this is the correct approach. That of 
course creates trouble with CD navigation, but that is a problem with 

> 2. Playlists don't handle or handle poorly things with
>    Navigation. What playlist item and information do you list for a
>    DVD or VCD when playback control is turned on? The part playing?
>    How do I get specific information about the part playing (the
>    Segment or Entry, and LID for VCD's) when this may jump around? The
>    DVD or VCD could have a couple of completely distinct
>    parts/programs/videos on it. The medium shows all of that whereas
>    I'm not sure a playlist which refers to a specific one of them
>    should necessarily.

You are correct. But that's a problem of how a DVD is designed. It's 
not meant to fit in such a playlist structure, and I think it is very 
hard to get it into that. (Personally i think it should be one entry in 
the playlist).
I think you need a 'tree' like structure to fit in a DVD nicely. 
However i fear this may introduce a lot of complexity especially in the 
interfaces. Even then. The only right way to navigate a DVD in my 
opinion is in the DVD menu. It is the only thing that really knows what 
each chapter is for and contains. You can never fully encompass that in 
a playlist system.

> 3. playlist seems semantically wrong. A playlist item is what I'm
>    playing or is queued to be played. Media information is about
>    what's on medium.
> If you want to have a pointer from a playlist item to the medium that
> contains that thing in "Stream and Medium Info" okay. But this doesn't
> replace it. It should hook into it IMHO.

This is nitpicking. It's caused by the fact that not all the interface 
work is up to date with core.

I want to say that the playlist API has become much more clean and 
useful as of late and would really like to thank zorglub for the energy 
he has put into it. Next thing to do is switch to libdvdnav in my 
opinion, and we should work from there.

BTW. when are the fixes coming :)


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