[vlc-devel] Re: CVS Commit (rocky)

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Wed Jan 7 19:24:51 CET 2004

Derk-Jan Hartman asks:
 > Do you see a possibility to address this, without infringing on the 
 > flexibility of VLC?

Sure, have a pointer to the container/volume item, for some definition
of "container/volume item. A rough approximation would be the entire
media which is better than what is there now, but it could be a
logical portion of that. (For example, like DVD's and VCD's MPEG's and
CD-DA's can have many logical albums on them).

 > I don't want VLC to be a DVD or a VCD player. I want it to play 
 > everything. 

I don't see how any of this is related to being a DVD or VCD player. I
don't know that VCD or DVD players contain a "Stream and Media
Information section". 

 > I'm personally really against making it address such 
 > specific issues. 

What issues? Having information repeated possibly 99 times? 

 > Too avoid duplication, a DVD VCD or CDDA needs to be 
 > only one entry in the playlist, this is the correct approach. That of 
 > course creates trouble with CD navigation, but that is a problem with 
 > #2.

Not sure I understand or agree (or disagree). Sometimes I may want to
play an entire CD-DA.  For the newer plugin you specify everything in
the medium by not giving a track number, e.g.  cdda:// (or
cdda:///dev/cdrom) . What's done right now is that this has all of the
tracks on the CD are entered into the playlist. That was what was
suggested and that's been done.

On the other hand, one can put in a playlist some specific set of tracks
e.g. cdda://@T1 cdda://@T4, ...

 > You are correct. But that's a problem of how a DVD is designed. 

I'm assuming by DVD you mean anything that contains instructions on
how to play. For example, VCD's can also have playback control. I'd be
surprised if these were the only things that did this.

The model which should be trying to model what's there right now is
lacking; that's the model's problem, not the medium's.

 > It's 
 > not meant to fit in such a playlist structure, and I think it is very 
 > hard to get it into that. (Personally i think it should be one entry in 
 > the playlist).
 > ... 

In xine there is a MRL browser (sort of like a file browser) and what
I did was put all of the components in that. Tracks, Entries,
Segments, LIDs (= entry points in in the playback structure). From the
browser you can select something which could be an entry point of a
track, a full track, or a LID -- a place in the programmable unit to

 > > If you want to have a pointer from a playlist item to the medium that
 > > contains that thing in "Stream and Medium Info" okay. But this doesn't
 > > replace it. It should hook into it IMHO.
 > This is nitpicking. It's caused by the fact that not all the interface 
 > work is up to date with core.

I don't understand or see this. If the information is stored once it
is guarenteed to be the same and programs that generate this need to
make a single call. Thought we went over this. In the CD-DA plugin I'm
setting repeated information once for each track as well as in the
Media section. 

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