[vlc-devel] stringreview

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Sat Jan 24 23:19:11 CET 2004

Participants: thedj, murray, gibalou, zorglub, FK, xtophe
And if you have any questions !!! IRC IRC IRC don't care how trivial it 
is or might look.
Beware of platform specific things like _NS for macosx native strings 
(@"") if you don't know these platform specifics, ask.

What to look for?
- untranslated strings which should be translated (that means "" -> 
_("") etc.)
- incorrect phrasing of strings.
- duplicity or rather lack there off, which results in something having 
to be translated 4 times
- missing information which should be there ( i'm thinking preferences )
- correctness and usefulness of the existing strings. (also thinking 
about prefs )
- punctuation usage ( start lines with a capital, end with a . etc.)
- stuff that shouldn't be translated, but atm is. ("mms://")
- consistent usage of either the word modules or the word plugins (and 
similar cases)
- preferences short strings should contain unit and range ( 0-360 
degrees) ( Hz ) etc., so the user knows what kind of number to enter.
- VideoLAN Client should be VLC media player
- www.videolan.org -> download.videolan.org where appropriate.
- msg_* doesn't need translation in essence.
- use one VLC media player description string and one copyright string 
(as in use by wxwindows and macosx)

Make sure you have a vlc tree up to date and with not too much local 
changes, to avoid conflicts.
I suggest to read the entire source files and look at everything.

I'm thinking one large GUI per person. and the maintainer shouldn't be 
the person to do it, since he's already reading it ten times a day. 
When checking strings, follow the wxwindows and the macosx versions of 
the strings, since these intf's are most up to date. If they differ, 
ask in IRC.

wxwindows and macosx intfs are the first intf's that should be checked 
and committed so that the others can follow their lead. I tried to make 
a somewhat fair distribution of load to everyone, but i'm not sure if i 
succeeded in that goal. Therefore when you are done you should announce 
that on IRC, we might have to redistribute some stuff.

dj: wxwindows, ncurses, video-filter, demux, opie
zorglub: core, video-output, codec, beos
murray: macosx, packetizer, audio_output, kde,
xtophe: skins2, video-chroma, misc, audio_mixer, access_output
gibalou: stream_out, access, pda, skins, core
FK: visualisation, mux, audio_filter, gtk, qnx
Anil: share/http, mozilla, python, control

Core is divided over zorglub and gibalou since it's so central and 
important a double check is a good thing :). (don't forget /include )

What is left?
configure.ac (watch the alignment)
doc/bugreport-howto.txt (see also 
http://www.videolan.org/support/bug-reporting.html )
doc/mad/ TODO BUGS (still necessarry?)
MAINTAINERS (needs an update)


Universiteit Twente
Derk-Jan Hartman (d.hartman at student.utwente dot nl)

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