[vlc-devel] Re: Who is working in the Zaurus port?

Benoit Gariod ben at talon.nl
Thu Jul 8 20:48:50 CEST 2004

I lack the coding skills to actually maintain the package.
I can probably package the binaries, but building them is out of my range.
So we basically need someone to feed me binaries I can stress-test and
On my zaurus, it doesn't seem to find the librt in /usr/local/lib/ so I
can't even launch the player :(


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Benoit Gariod wrote:

>I just got one of those (the SL-C860). It's got a PXE255 400mhz.
>Should I send bug-reports/feature requests to this list?
>How else can I help (can't code)?
At the moment nobody is working on the Zaurus port. It could use an
active maintainer. Maybe you volunteer ??

The Opie Desktop on Familiar Linux is used for both Zaurus and iPAQ.
AFAIK they even use the sam QT libraries so a maintainer should keep
that in mind and both system will benefit from it. I welcome an active
maintainer on the Zaurus and Opie ports of VLC.

I seem to lack time and a Zaurus ;-) to do the job properly.


Many greetings,
Jean-Paul Saman

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