[vlc-devel] Re: Who is working in the Zaurus port?

Jean-Paul Saman jean-paul.saman at planet.nl
Fri Jul 9 21:42:24 CEST 2004

Benoit Gariod wrote:

>Alright. It might be a good idea to either load the libs from an already
>defined directory, or add those instructions to the install notes.
>the directories were:
>and /home/QtPalmtop/lib/
The problem here was that the tarbal was built with the YOPY port in 
mind. I just redid the packaging and updated the Zaurus page to provide 
an *.ipk for librt. Could you test it?

Or is my assumption wrong that the Zaurus uses the ipkg tool to install 

>It now complains about a missing libSDL, which doesn't make sense, I
>installed the version linked on the download page >:-(
This shouldn't be the case, but you never know. The libSDL hasn't 
changed in ages since it was reported to work. So please do try to find 
out what the problem was, maybe the missing librt?

>When I install the latest version from there:
>vlc starts up fine.
>I'll do some further testing :)


Many greetings,
Jean-Paul Saman

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