[vlc-devel] Re: Who is working in the Zaurus port?

Jean-Paul Saman jean-paul.saman at planet.nl
Sat Jul 10 18:38:14 CEST 2004

Benoit Gariod wrote:

>The librt ipkg you made is busted :D, but yes it is the format the Z uses.
>zcat complains about it not being a gzip format (did you bzip it?) and an
>unexpected EOF on stdin.
I used ipkg-build v1.0. What version does the Zaurus use? (ipkg -v)
Maybe your Zaurus distribution uses an older version of ipkg.

This version of ipkg uses AR and TAR. To extract data by hand from the 
*.ipk you need to perform the following steps:

# ar -x librt_2.1.3_arm.ipk
# tar -xzvf data.tar.gz

The control.tar.gz has the package information and the post-install  and 
post-remove scripts. Further more there is a version file debian-binary.

The preferred way however is using:
# ipkg install librt_2.1.3_arm.ipk

>It's only 7k on the webserver, are you sure you didn't get any transfer
The package is fine. It is as big as I build it about 7K.

>The libsdl bit has me a bit confused. I guess it's a question of
>installation settings, since the other one is working.
>You might want to dissect both packages for differences.

Many greetings,
Jean-Paul Saman

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