[vlc-devel] Observations on theora encoding

James MacLean macleajb at ednet.ns.ca
Tue Jul 27 00:21:48 CEST 2004

Some things I have noticed ;):

Latest SVN on Linux

. Aspect of my attempts looks like 16:9 when it starts as 4:3. I remember 
some changes being made a while back regarding aspect and I am _fairly_ 
confident the aspect looked correct prior to that. Tried at full size and 

. MPlayer runs with audio and video way out of sync, yet VLC plays with 
everthing appearing well synced.

. Even though -vvv show that vlc probes correctly the frame rate of the 
source, I still get "Missing frame rate, assuming 25fps" from 
modules/mux/ogg.c. Source is NTSC. If I hack that section of ogg.c to be 
29.970, the resultant file is definitely not in sync.

Hoping this type of report helps,
James B. MacLean        macleajb at ednet.ns.ca
Department of Education 
Nova Scotia, Canada

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