[vlc-devel] MS Windows and VCD/libcdio things

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Sun Mar 7 17:56:38 CET 2004

I've recently fixed up support in libcdio and vcdimager for windows 2K
(and thus probably NT an XP). It works on win98 as well.

So I believe vlc should now work with using libcdio/vcdimager cdda and
vcd plugins. I have however have not yet been able to build vlc, for
reasons that at present have more to with vlc than with
libcdio/vcdimager.  More on this below.

If others better versed with Microsoft Windows (and building vlc on
that) would try out libcdio vcdimager (from CVS) I'd greatly
appreciate it.

Here are some things I've run into using the recently released vlc
0.7.1 on Microsoft Windows 2000 and cygwin.

INSTALL.win32 says that vlc can be built with or without Unix
emulation. Perhaps there is a special way to build libcdio and
libvcdinfo without Unix emulation, but I get a link error (I think
trying to use an printf routine) if I try without Unix emulation. So I
tried with Unix emulation. That is *not* using this: 
  CC="gcc -mno-cygwin" CXX="g++ -mno-cygwin"

when run with Unix emulation I get a number of other errors in
configuring (e.g. dshow.h usuability, ffmpeg). Removing plugins listed
in INSTALL.win32 is an option. One example of an error is due to a
redefinition of struct RGNDATAHEADER between line 6009
/usr/win32/include/strmif.h and line 2081

I confess initially I didn't follow the INSTALL.win32 instructions and
noticed oss was trying to get built. Looking into this further I see
in configure.ac:

  [  --enable-oss            Linux OSS /dev/dsp support (enabled on Linux)])

if test "${enable_oss}" != "no" &&
  (test "${SYS}" != "mingw32" || test "${enable_oss}" = "yes")

This looks a bit weird to me. Is OSS really only for GNU/Linux?  The
comment "enabled on Linux" is misleading. It's enabled on cygwin as
well which is wrong. The test below suggests OSS is enabled unless
MinGW. (So it is enabled on Solaris and OS X as well as GNU/Linux.)

Commments? Lacking none, I'll probably change the bothcomment and the

Another compilation error had was due to include/modules.h lack of a
definition for "module_handle_t". This test in that file

#elif defined(WIN32) || defined(UNDER_CE)

wasn't true. My guess is that WIN32 is supposed to get set. What is it
that sets WIN32?  How do folks feel about change that to: 

#elif defined(WIN32) || defined(UNDER_CE) || defined(HAVE_DL_WINDOWS)

which is a test in config.h whereas WIN32 is not.


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