[vlc-devel] Re: [vlc] Command line for OS - X

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Tue Mar 9 18:00:33 CET 2004

Marc Ray wrote:
> Derk,
> Firs I misspelled your name in my last email - sorry about that.  Second I
> got fire-wire input to work, well it is a hack.  I used a program called
> dvsave that is part of the DVTS package from this website:
> http://www.sfc.wide.ad.jp/DVTS/.  First I used dvsave to save a raw dv file
> with the .dv extension. Then using VLC I used the open file command as the
> .dv file is being saved to the computer and told it to stream the file to
> another computer on a local network. I tried about all the codecs and it
> seems that mpeg4, mpeg2, mpeg1 work the best.  I was able to get the latency
> down to about 3 seconds if I quickly started the dvsave and vlc program.
> This was done on both my 17" 1.3ghz powerbook and a dual 1ghz g4 machine,
> the dual g4 gave the best results, but the powerbook was not far behind.
> After seeing this work I do have a few more questions for you if you do not
> mind:
> 1. Do you think running vlc from the command line will be more efficient
> than using the gui as far as processor usage?

no. the gui doesn't do a thing compared to the transcoding.
Running OSX in terminal mode alltogether might help a bit though.

> 2. Also I seemed to get a lot of errors is the current state of the os-x
> version pretty stable?

Nothing in the area of open source video streaming is stable. Everthing 
is under heavy development and breaks and gets fixed faster than you can 
even notice.

> 3.  When trying to encode files at a bit rate higher than 3072 the stream
> dies after a few seconds. Should vlc be able to stream at say 5096?

Depends on the power you bring along.

> 4. Should I compile vlc without the gui and just use it from the command
> line for efficiency?  I did have trouble getting it to display a video
> window when issuing commands from the terminal.

you cannot have a video window on OSX without the GUI running. They need 
eachother. It's an osx thing.

> Thanks again for your help and I will try not to bug you as I know you are
> trying to take a break from VLC.
> Marc

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