[vlc-devel] Re: vlc for suse 9.0 with KDE

Jason Luka jason at geshp.com
Sat Mar 27 03:56:44 CET 2004

Scott Yokim wrote:

>   Ich spreche nicht Deutches, traurig.
>   Here is a spec file that I started writing
>yesterday.  It doesn't work yet.  I got the template
>from Jason Luka (jason at geshp.com), who does the Red
>Hat package for vlc.
>   (Notice that the Mozilla library files are in
>Scott Yokim
>--- Bichsel Michael <m.bichsel at stud.fh-aargau.ch>
>>My name is Michael and I am living in switzerland. I
>>am interested in a stable version of vlc for my suse
>>9.0 with KDE.
>>I already tried the RPM of Rainer Lay and it only
>>worked at the first startup.
>>I am a newbie on linux but I hope that I will going
>>to learn enough about suse linux in the next
>>semester at my school.
>>So I would try to create a package for it. If
>>somebody can say me what i need to do I give my best
>>to create that package if there is still the need of
>>someone who did it. (Hope someone could tell me in
>>nice time
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Okay, to start, all the lines under %build up to the configure script 
are specifically written for the odd way Red Hat does the mozilla libs.

Also RH specific are the lines:
mv %{buildroot}%{_mozlibdir}
%{buildroot}%{_mozlibdir}-%{mozver} -f

And the %clean, %post, and %postun scripts.

Jason Luka

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