[vlc-devel] Re: [ANN] VLC 0.7.2-test2

Anil Daoud anil at via.ecp.fr
Sun May 2 17:17:27 CEST 2004

Hi !

Here are a few problems that came up with -test2 under Windows XP and
Debian Sid.

- The video does not play embedded in the interface for some streams 
(multicasted mpeg2 streams).
- When the VLC is closed while playing a file, the video output 'pops 
out' of the interface, and it is closed afterwards. Stopping playback 
before exiting the interface would be nicer.
- After entering and leaving fullscreen mode, a new taskbar entry will 
appear, even if there is only one VLC window (winxp only):
- The new icons are nice, but the 'Playlist' button looks like an 
'Open...' one.

Skins 2:
- When a file is opened, the video window is not showed, you have to hit 
the 'Show video window' in order to have a black window, and then resize 
it for the pictures to appear. (winxp only)
- If the controller is hidden, and you click on the playlist, only the 
playlist will rise. Same thing if you click on VLC media player in the 
taskbar (winxp only).
- If you switch interface from Skins2 to Wxwindows, and then add the SAP 
Playlist via the 'Add interface' menu, VLC will crash. I didn't test 
under linux because the popup menu doesn't work.

Stream output:
- When converting mp3 files to ogg/vorbis, scratches appear in the 
resulting file. See :
http://rivendell.via.ecp.fr/~anil/porte/porte260404.mp3 and porte260404.ogg
- Play locally seems completely broken with ogg/vorbis files: "vorbis 
decoder error: this bitstream does not contain Vorbis audio data".

- If you run VLC with --extraintf sap, the first item in the playlist 
will play automatically at startup (because the playlist is filled 
before the wxwindows interface shows up). This is a very annoying behaviour.

Thanks and sorry if I reported known problems :).


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