[vlc-devel] importing wxWindows xrc functionality for win32

David Murray dim at andrew.cmu.edu
Sun May 30 22:06:07 CEST 2004


This is the student from CMU that wrote a few days ago...so, I'm attempting 
to develop an interface plugin using wxWindows for win32 using cygwin, and 
I am interested in using XRC files. I figured a first step would be to 
start with the wxWindows interface plugin already developed for VLC, and 
see if I can implement xrc functionality.

Although some of the contrib packages for other operating systems include 
the xrc libraries, the win32 contrib package unfortunately doesn't. I 
attempted to build it manually from wxWindows, but I've been having 
difficulty linking.  I've been working on this for the last couple of days 
and finally I decided the vlc dlist would know best, so I thought I'd ask 

When I install the xrc library, it goes to 
In the contrib library, though, the module libraries currently being used 
by the wxwindows interface plugin are listed as:


and as far as I understand cygwin emulates i686, not i586...making me thing 
that there's some compatibility issue I'm not really understanding. Might 
anyone be able to enlighten me so I can get xrc functionality working?

Many thanks!
David Murray

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