[vlc-devel] VLC Transport Stream Output

Anthony L.Gelsomini anthonyg at wciatl.com
Thu Nov 4 00:49:13 CET 2004


I have been using VLC to test interoperability with a piece of 
equipment designed to transmit and receive MPEG2 Transport Streams on a 
Gigabit Ethernet network using RFC2250 compatible streams(MPEG2 TS 
inside of RTP packets).  VLC playback works wonderful using Off the Air 
ATSC HD streams run into this device and from there to VLC.  When we 
take one of these Transport Streams(19.39 Mbps ATSC Off the Air stream) 
that is stored on disk and try and stream it back using VLC into this 
device we noticed that VLC is removing all the ATSC PSIP tables, 
removing NULL packets, and renumbering the PIDs.  Is VLC fixing the 
timestamps in the stream now that it has changed the spacing between 
PCRs, through the removal of NULL packets and the extra tables?  Also 
how does VLC handle playback of this stream now that is no longer a 
constant bitrate transport stream, which allows for easier handling of 
the timestamps than that of a variable bitrate stream.

Also is this something that VLS would do better than VLC, if all we 
really want to do stream a Transport Stream off of the disk at the 
correct rate and encapsulate in RTP packets?

Anthony Gelsomini

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