[vlc-devel] Re: todo additions

Dennis van Amerongen Dennis.vanAmerongen at nob.nl
Thu Nov 11 16:35:48 CET 2004

>> - Ability to use cropping options for live feeds

>What do you mean exactly? On the fly client selection of crop filters 
>and settings?
>This requires conversion of the crop filter to a picture filter first i 
>AND possibly OTF en-/disabling of these filters?

I was actually trying to force a cropped geometry when starting a live
MPEG2 multicast feed (launched from a .M3U file); something like this:

#EXTVLCOPT:crop-geometry=710,566,1,1 (take 710,566 "at" 1,1)

So this is not an on-the fly option but one time only at startup.
Ability to turn off from menu would still be nice (some people prefer
to have the full size and play it through a TV-out, and a TV already
has the safety margin). Enabling again would then require a restart
of the stream but that sounds acceptible to me for starters :)

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