[vlc-devel] new input layer

Stephan Assmus superstippi at gmx.de
Sat Nov 13 16:25:44 CET 2004


I haven't followed the SVN commits lately (some 650 mails to catch up 
on). However, I noticed in the release notes of 0.8.0, that there was a 
redesign of the input layer. I have asked this earlier: Does the input 
layer support seeking to keyframes? I want to be able to call a 
function, "seek_to_time(time, VLC_CLOSEST_KEYFRAME_BACKWARD)". Which 
means, I want to seek not *exactly* to the provided time, but to 
whatever keyframe is in the stream earlier than the provided time. This 
would prevent VLC input layer from decoding frames to reach the exact 
requested time, while the user has dragged the time slider to some 
other position already. In another words, it would make the seeking 
really snappy and responsive. Is this implemented by now? If so, I'm 
interested in picking up VLC development on BeOS again. I noticed there 
was no BeOS release of 0.8.0 yet.

Best regards,

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