[vlc-devel] Re: new audio_ouput plugin : portaudio

Gildas Bazin gbazin at altern.org
Tue Oct 5 10:23:13 CEST 2004

On Sunday 03 October 2004 17:32, Frédéric RUGET wrote:
> Hello,
> Please find attached a VLC patch for adding a
> "portaudio" audio_ouput plugin.
> I have tested it with the portaudio/ASIO library on my
> WindowsXP/cygwin system, with an EMU 1820-M
> sound card and a 4 speaker system.
> This is my first attempt at submitting code to VLC.  Please
> don't hesitate to tell if there are any problems (coding
> conventions, use of msg_Info/Dbg/Err, design of the code, etc...)

Coding convention wise, the code is ok. We also try to avoid tabs and lines 
bigger than 80 chars in width (it's no biggy though).

I just committed the patch with a few small changes like renaming the file 
to portaudio.c as it wasn't actually using any C++ code.
Pa_OpenStream() would also return a nomem error on linux when passing 0 as 
the number of requested buffers (it still doesn't really work on linux but 
at least I can hear some kind of sound).
And lastly I think the paInt16 format is supposed to be in native endianness 

> To compile, it is necessary to provide separately portaudio.h
> and libportaudio.a.  These files are not included in the patch.

BTW, it seems there a new portaudio API around (v19). Would it be easy to 
port the plugin to this new API ?

> TODO :  improve the audio/video synchronization.
- proper channels ordering.
- avoid using malloc/free in the callback.

Thanks for your contribution.


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