[vlc-devel] Re: new audio_ouput plugin : portaudio

Frédéric RUGET frederic.ruget at free.fr
Wed Oct 6 01:00:26 CEST 2004

Hi Gildas,

> I just committed the patch with a few small changes like renaming the file 
> to portaudio.c as it wasn't actually using any C++ code.

You're right, it is clearly just plain C code.
Actually I made it a C++ file when I was struggling with
the build system, hoping it would solve the problem with
the linkage of the libportaudio's C++ symbols.
Obviously there are better ways... :-)

Thanks also for the more sensible choice of default values for
the module's configuration variables, for cleaning
the debug messages, and for fixing "configure.ac" to enable
the build on linux.  I should have done this...

> Pa_OpenStream() would also return a nomem error on linux when passing 0 as 
> the number of requested buffers (it still doesn't really work on linux but 
> at least I can hear some kind of sound).

I will try and compile on linux, and see if I can get it to work.

> And lastly I think the paInt16 format is supposed to be in native endianness 
> (AOUT_FMT_S16_NE).

OK. I'll try and check on this.

> BTW, it seems there a new portaudio API around (v19). Would it be easy to 
> port the plugin to this new API ?

Yes I have seen this.  I reckon v19 is still under development (not quite released yet).
I'll give it a try though.  It might be useful : apparently it is advertised as providing
better support with audio/video sync issues.

> 1. improve the audio/video synchronization.
> 2. proper channels ordering.

Can you be more explicit ; what does it mean ??

> 3. avoid using malloc/free in the callback.

Can't see this one... where do I use malloc/free in the callback ?

In addition to the above, I'm planning to :

4. provide a HOWTO build libportaudio.a for win32/cygwin/ASIO.
    (indeed it is relatively tricky and it took me quite some googling
     to locate all the needed pieces)

5. make a proposal for updating the HACKING file
    with the tricks I have learnt.

> Thanks for your contribution.

Thanks for your quick and excellent support, it has been greatly
Thanks for the excellent VLC.



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