[vlc-devel] Passing/setting variables across threads/modules?

Marius Kjeldahl marius at kjeldahl.net
Fri Oct 29 16:28:59 CEST 2004

I'm trying to add more window positioning control to vlc. Typically, the http 
interface would receive a http request saying you want to put a window at 
posiiton x,y size w,h. This would then need to be communicated to the modules 
controlling window stuff (directx.c/events.c on Windows).

I've been trying to understand the usage of variables (the var_Get/Set/Change 
kind) across various threads, but the hierarchy of thread instances makes 
this hard to do with my limited knowledge of how it all fits together.

I have already managed to introduce a new variable (see the "nodeco" patch I 
submitted earlier) in the vout modules, and that works fine. The problem now, 
however, is that for window positioning PRIOR to creating the window, I need 
to store/modify those coordinates somewhere else until the video_output 
module actually need them.

So for instance, if they are stored in the http module, what would be the 
easiest way to access that module from within the video_ouput module? Are 
there approaches that would be better, e.g. storing those "run-time" 
variables somewhere central, and if so, how could I access this "central 
place" from the different modules?

Thanks in advance,

Marius Kjeldahl

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