[vlc-devel] Re: Fedora Test Version RPM

Jason Luka jason at geshp.com
Mon Sep 20 12:29:28 CEST 2004

Q: There's no /usr/com on FC2, RH9 or RHEL3. Can't remember having seen 
this directory on any Red Hat system. What does vlc store there?

A: All the directories on the configure line (--prefix=/usr etc, etc.) 
are added in by the %configure macro in the spec file.  Sharedstatedir 
isn't used in any Fedora application that I know of.  I have all 7 gigs 
of RPM's installed on my machine, and /usr/com doesn't even exist

Q: Most likely there will be no ffmpeg source tree in /usr/src/ffmpeg by 
default. Which snapshot of ffmpeg cvs should be used with 0.8? I 
currently just grab the latest ffmpeg cvs, install it and link to that 
with my home made rpms. Surprisingly it works most times ...

A: As much as it pains me to use a CVS release, if I can't get the 0.4.9 
prerelease version to work, I'm going to use today's CVS snapshot.

Q: Jason, I have a couple of boxes running RHEL3 and RH9 and I'd like to 
adapt your official 0.8 spec for use on these. Further I think it would 
be good to provide a yum or apt repository for the official VLC Red Hat 
and Fedora vlc RPMs. I've set this up locally for my home made RPMs and 
it really makes installing vlc on a fresh Fedora or Red Hat system easier.

A: I believe xosd and one other RPM have trouble with backwards 
compatibility with RH9 and would have to be recompiled specifically for 
RH9.  Due to the glibc and xfree86 change, vlc would have to be 
recompiled specifically for RH9.  Obviously, I can't do that because I 
just don't have enough machines to keep that many versions of Linux 
around.  As far as the spec file, it should work properly as soon as the 
%define mozver variable is changed.  I believe the number should 1.4 for 
RH9.  Run 'ls /usr/lib/mozilla*' and look for a directory named 
'mozilla-#.#'  As far as a yum repository, I never put one together, so 
I wouldn't quite know what to do yet.

I cleaned up the spec file using the recommended enable lines, keeping 
--enable-pp and --enable-gpl with the ffmpeg line.  I don't know about 
recent versions of ffmpeg, but previously I always had trouble without 
enable-pp.  Also changed the line to --with-ffmpeg=/usr.  In additional 
to what was recommended I also kept --enable-xvid, -dv, -sdl, -xosd, 
-slp, and -plugins.  I'll work on a new ffmpeg RPM and try to hack 
together a livedotcom RPM.

Jason Luka
Fedora Core Maintainer

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