[vlc-devel] interactive functions for a stream

snipes snipes kingblackeagle at yahoo.fr
Sat Apr 16 10:50:28 CEST 2005

I am working on the interactivity of a version improved of the protocol staggered broadcasting., I have a server which sends, always, in broadcast the segments of a video (a cutting is necessary of the video to meet the needs of the protocol). the vlc will be connected by specifying the address rtsp of the server. the server will send it a description of the session playing ( number of segments, duration of segments) by the use of the protocol SDP. 

So,  can you tell me  any idea should I implement to do this interactivity (VCR function, idea to manage waiting time,...).

if any one like to have a ferther ideas about this work ,I can help him . 



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