[vlc-devel] Questions about plug-in DLL file and H.264 codec

Jie CHEN jie.chen at sjtu.edu.cn
Sun Aug 7 05:06:35 CEST 2005

I just subscribe this mailing list to know more about developing VLC.

I have a device with USB connection which can send TS stream to PC. I have
its API function declarations and several DLL files, probably written and
compiled under MS Visual C++.
Is it possible to write an input module for VLC to read the stream from this
device directly, using those existing DLL files in Windows?
I don't know well the Cygwin environment and its capabilities, especially
about DLLs under Cygwin. I only find the plug-ins of VLC player are compiled
in DLL form by Cygwin, and wonder if they are compatible with those DLLs
made by MS-VC++. Anyone can tell me how to compile using DLL under Cygwin?

Besides, dionoea told me in the forum that VLC can now encode H.264 video
with X264 and decode with ffmpeg. But I can't see motion pictures when
playing a .264 file with VLC (this file is encoded from a YUV file by X264
encoder and can be decoded successfully by JM and then played by a YUV
player). Neither can I transcode .wmv or .avi clips to H264 format with VLC
player v.0.8.2 (No error claimed during the execution of the program, but it
simply doesn't create a new file). Bugs?
I look up the feature page on http://www.videolan.org and find H.264 support
is "experimental".
I try to compile the ffmpeg-20041113 download from
http://developer.videolan.org under Cygwin but failed. I guess it is because
its config file is for MSYS. How can I compile it under Cygwin? (...and it
would be perfect if MS-VC++ could do it...)

Annex: ffmpeg-20041113 \ config.log:
Sat Nov 13 12:44:42 CET 2004
./configure \
--enable-mingw32 \
--enable-memalign-hack \
--extra-cflags=-I/usr/win32/include \
--extra-ldflags=-L/usr/win32/lib \
--cross-prefix=i586-mingw32msvc- \
--enable-faac \
--enable-mp3lame \
--enable-pp \

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