[vlc-devel] Re: linking vlc with livemedia

Tom Van Leeuwen tom.vanleeuwen at intec.ugent.be
Wed Aug 10 16:02:27 CEST 2005

thanks for the information, however with the new contrib package I get a 
lot of warnings: "livedotcom warning: unsupported NAL type for H264"

I think it is necessary to compile vlc with the latest livemedia libs. 
Has somebody successfully done this yet?

Christophe Mutricy wrote:
>>I am trying to link one of the latest vlc snapshot (200050807) with the 
>>latest live media libraries (20050809) because the stable vlc version 
>>0.8.2 has no support for RTP AVC video streaming.
>>I have sucessfully compiled live media with gcc/g++ 3.3.5 and the test 
>>programs seem to work. However when I compile vlc with the mingw 
>>crosscompiler (mingw-gcc3.3.1-linux-crosscompiler.tar.bz2) on linux, I 
>>get the following error messages. It seems that linking vlc with the 
>>live media libraries cause some 'undefined references':
> I'am not a compilation wizard but usually it's better to use the same
> version of gcc/g++ for everything.
>>It would also be helpful if someone of the VLC gurus could update the 
>>contributing sources (contrib-20040902-win32-bin-gcc3.3.1-only.tar.bz2) 
>>because this is one is out of date for some time now.
> on ftp.videolan.org, there is
> contrib-20050624-win32-bin-gcc3.3.1-only.tar.bz2 which is not "state of
> the art" but more recent than yours.
> hth,

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