[vlc-devel] mediacontrol interface insight

Filippo Carone filippo at carone.org
Mon Dec 12 02:19:06 CET 2005

 I'm taking a look at the mediacontrol interface implementation in
src/control/core.c. I'd like to discuss a few points where this
interface could be enhanced or cleared.

mediacontrol_get_media_position: this function returns 0 if the
mediacontrol_positionOrigin value is not Absolute. I think an
exception should be raised instead, since a
mediacontrol_positionOrigin->value equal to 0 is a valid position

In mediacontrol_<play|pause|etc> I don't get what the
mediacontrol_PositionOrigin function argument should be used for. For
example if someone pauses a stream, he's not presumably changing the
position of the stream, so why the function should read that argument
at all?

Playlist management. Some important functions are missing, such as the
possibility to choose for an item in the list to be played, to remove
items and so on.

Status information. There should be also the possibility to get info
about video streams (height and width for example) and some other
general info, such as bitrate, codecs and so on.

 That's all for now,

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