[vlc-devel] Re: mediacontrol interface insight

Olivier Aubert olivier.aubert at liris.cnrs.fr
Mon Dec 12 11:23:17 CET 2005

>  Is the functionality of "in advance" events already present in VLC or
> is it a task the mediacontrol interface should accomplish? Are there
> any means in VLC to  it behave that way? I've seen for start you use
> the code:
>         var_Set( p_playlist, "start-time", val );
>  where val is the time in ms. Are there already "pause-time",
> "stop-time", etc, variables?
There are indeed start-time and stop-time variables (see
src/input/input.c and src/input/var.c) that were introduced to have the
ability to specify a start times and end times from URLs (to play a
specific segment).  But this does not exist for pause and resume. 

For me, the mediacontrol API is a generic API, independent from the
player. If the player does not support some feature (like position
parameter to pause and resume), then the API should try its best to have
a coherent behaviour.

>  IMHO the minimum set of functionalities to add should be prev, next,
> goto position, delete position. Since these are already present in
> libvlc it is probably trivial to add them in mediacontrol as well. I
> can try to add them myself.
Yes, sure.

>  XML would be a good thing. We need to factorize the information we
>  want and create a meaningful structure to contain them all.
we could elaborate on that on the wiki
(http://wiki.videolan.org/index.php/MediaControlAPI) in order not to
overflow the list.


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