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Subject: [FOSDEM Stands-news] Insurance (again)
Date: Dimanche 6 Février 2005 15:33
From: Pascal Bleser <loki at fosdem.org>
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We received few information about the hardware you'll bring along, for
 the insurance, which is why I'm sending you a mail on that once again.
 Maybe some details were not clear.

1) even if you take your laptop with you on Saturday evening, the
 insurance covers your hardware for theft and accidental damage during
 Saturday and Sunday when at the FOSDEM location; it just won't be
 covered when you're outside of the ULB campus on Saturday evening &

2) if you want your hardware covered by the insurance during the
 evening/night from Saturday to Sunday, you have to leave it at the
 FOSDEM location, in a locked-up room we use for that purpose - but as
 I just wrote above, you may take your laptop with you and it will
 still be covered by the insurance during Saturday and Sunday when at

3) the insurance is free for you, we (the sponsers, actually) pay the

Just send us a list of the hardware you (and the other people at the
 booths and in the devrooms) will bring along, with the following
- - the vendor and model, as well as the hardware type (laptop,
 flatscreen, wifi router, ...) - - the approximate _current_ value
 (agreed, probably difficult to estimate ;)) - - a unique ID or serial
 number that's printed on the device

Send that information to devrooms at fosdem.org

Of course, there's no obligation whatsoever, but it's totally free of
 charge (for you) and it also covers accidental damage, so... why not

The deadline for sending us that information is Monday 21. Last year we
 had a hard time accepting last minute requests, so please, send us all
 the information _before_ Monday.

Thanks, take care and
Cheers :)
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