[vlc-devel] RTSP restrictions on codec?

Neal Symms nsymms at redwar.us
Thu Feb 17 04:22:43 CET 2005

Where can I find out which codecs are supported for RTSP?  Presumably the
restriction is in the livedotcom library, but my searches at live.com return
nothing specific.  Looks like only mpeg 1/2 is supported, but like I said no
definite list.  Does anyone know?  How about when DIV3 will be supported?

Or, if all else fails, is there a way in VLC to transcode the stream
*BEFORE* it gets to the RTSP library?  I'm working on a VoD project using
VLC's VLM features and have some AVI's that I'd like to stream.

Here's the error I get:

vod_rtsp debug: created rtsp url: /prog1
vod_rtsp debug: media has 2 declared ES
vod_rtsp debug: - ES DIV3 (/prog1/trackid=0)
vod_rtsp error: cannot add this stream (unsupported codec: DIV3)
vod_rtsp debug: - ES mpga (/prog1/trackid=0)

Thanks in advance,

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