[vlc-devel] AAC/HE-AAC/aacPlus Audio Streams - Icecast2

Greg J. Ogonowski greg at orban.com
Mon Jan 3 05:49:42 CET 2005

I have disabled Burst-on-Connect temporarily on this eval Icecast2 server 
and verified that VLC Player works with this aacPlus stream:


The stream mountpoint must be named with a .aac extension, otherwise VLC 
Player is unable to determine the correct codec to use. As of Icecast2 
Version 2.2, just released 21 December, the proper content type of 
audio/aac can now be used, so it is no longer necessary or desirable to 
rely on the .aac in the mountpoint name for VLC Player codec selection.

I notice that VLC Player seems to handle Burst-on-Connect just fine from 
SHOUTcast servers.

Here is an example SHOUTcast aacPlus stream:


Is there a major difference between the way VLC Player needs to handle 
Icecast2 and SHOUTcast Burst-on-Connect streams?

Several other streams are listed here:


I hope that these two changes can be made to VLC Player in the near future. 
I know the .aac should be fairly minor to fix, but Burst-on-Connect may be 
a bigger problem to solve. Burst-on-Connect is a very good feature, and 
works very well with Winamp for example.

Please let me know if you would like me to turn Burst-on-Connect back on.

Please also let me know if the streams play correctly on Linux and 
Macintosh.  I have been unable to verify this 100%.  They are aacPlus 
streams with 15kHz audio bandwidth, and with the proper SBR decoding should 
play full 15kHz bandwidth, not 7.5kHz.
(I know RealPlayer Linux and Macintosh have this problem with RTSP aacPlus 
streams.  RealPlayer Windows work OK.  VLC Player Windows also works OK.)


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