[vlc-devel] Playlist feature requests

Dermot McGahon dermot at dspsrv.com
Fri Jan 14 12:49:48 CET 2005

Hi all,

I hope it doesn't seem like I always have a problem :(  I'm just using
VLC quite a lot and finding some small issues.

I have some SAP announcement streams. Using a SAP attribute they are
added to the playlist in two different categories:

	General (empty)
	 |---> Radio
        |---> TV

This shows up on the wxWindows interface. I am controlling VLC through
the rc interface, using --rc-unix=/tmp/vlc.sock to read and write from
it. Using that, the playlist looks like this:

| 1Xtra BBC   udp://@|
| BBC 1 Scotland   udp://@|
| ETV2   udp://@|
| ETV3   udp://@|
playlist: returned 0 (no error)

As you can see, the category information has been lost. I've been looking
at the code and can probably hack something workable, but as this seems to
be something that would be useful to many, I'm asking here how you like it
to be solved. Also I don't want to break other interfaces but don't have
a good understanding of their needs.

First thing that comes to mind is something simple like,

| 1Xtra BBC   udp://@ <Radio> |
| ETV2   udp://@ <TV> |

Could something as simple as that work for the RC interface? Would it have
any effect on other interfaces?

That is the first issue. The second is that it would be useful to be able
to pass an index to the play command i.e play 5 would mean play item five
on the playlist. At the moment the rc interface provides play, stop, next
and previous. This would be useful if you had a remote control. It's to
emulate TV functionality.

Last issue, I'm seeing that the loop parameter isn't working with the
mozilla vlcplugin. Reading back the variable value using javascript shows
that it has been set to yes, but the video doesn't loop.


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