[vlc-devel] The ActiveX control/plugin for IE. Requests/comments/bugs?

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Sat Jan 29 02:11:41 CET 2005

Hi all

I just found out yesterday that somebody finally had developed am ActiveX
control for vlc.

This makes me a very happy man :)

So big thanks to quovodis for doing a great job.

I have wanted a plugin for IE for a long time, so I will do what I can to
help, which means report back my experience with the plugin.

1:	First of all there's the documentation, im wondering if there are
any commands u can call from the html/javascript? Besides the one
shown in the test.html setup?

2:	Would it be possible to get the "right-click-menu" in the plugin
as u have it in vlc?

3:	Sorta solved if #2 is implemented, but if not would it be
possible to turn/set de-interlacing with commands/html? I know u 	can
do it on serverside, or ge the client to do it with m3u's. 	But an
actual option to do it would be preferable.

4:	Do the plugin read the preference file on the client? I mean the
file that stores the options for vlc?

5:	the addTarget command, the parameters? The first one is easily
deducable form the html scripting the MRL,whats the second 	parameter?
And the third?

6:	Last but not least, even if its not extremely usefull for and
enduser, the messages window as seen in the vlc player would be
usefull, atleast until the plugin enters a more 	finalized/documented
state. If nothing else to be able to report 	bugs back better.

This was the first few questions I stumbled upon after palying with it for

As I already said im really happy with this, since it makes my VOD solution
look much nicer for the end users. (Not having to switch back and forth
between a browser and the player window)

Best regards and best wishes for the future development

Jonas Larsen

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