[vlc-devel] Re: Intergrating libVLC with real-time graphics library

Robert Osfield robert at openscenegraph.com
Sat Jan 29 13:31:03 CET 2005

Hi Sigmund

On Friday 28 January 2005 14:18, you wrote:
> Vlc is very very modular, it will play several files at once, or files with
> several video streams or audio streams on nearly any combination without
> much problem.

This is good news.

> Btw, do your system have positional audio? That would be very very cool,
> but also it would require some modifications to vlcs audio output to
> support.

I personally haven't tried spatialised sound with the OpenSceneGraph, it has 
been added via an on library developed by a member of the community:


One would need to write a VideoLan audio output module and wire it with osgAL, 
which probably along the lines of what would be needed to be done for 
integrating the video output.


Yesteday I spent alot of time trying to compile and test out GStreamer.  It 
looks promising, but boy its hard to get compiling...  even the developers 
themselve admit its hell.  The goals of Gstreamer are really compelling for 
much of what I want to do, but so far its just too hard to work with, which 
is real shame.  

I also download xine-lib, and wow what a contrast, just compiled straight out 
of the box, and xine-ui works just fine too.

I have to be careful not to make it hard it too hard for my own developer/user 
community to obtain all the dependencies that a video plugin will introduce.  
xine-lib appears to be front runner is this respect, second my libVLC, and a 
long way third is GStreamer.   ffmpeg is possible but doesn't encompass 
enough features for what we require.

For now I'll attempt an integration with xine-lib, then a little further down 
the line return to libVLC as the streaming support is still something I'd 
like to be able to support.


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